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Lag is something that nobody wants. At Byteania we do what we can to make sure you never have server lag. However, if you do have issues with lag there are some steps that can be taken to assist with reducing server lag, as a result will make your Minecraft server run more smoothly without issues. This article will go over the most common causes of lag, and solutions which can assist with reducing server lag.

 Lag Causes
* Server Memory (RAM) is not enough to keep up with the amount of players/plugins.
* You are located far away from the server location
* Misbehaving plugin and/or world
* Entities/Other issues

These are just some of the most common causes of lag, there are many more.

Server Memory (RAM)
When your server is responding very slow to commands and when players post messages in chat, server memory is very likely to be the cause of the problem. RAM on a Minecraft server stores the most important aspects needed for the server to run such as entities, player information and more... We have a built in memory report on our Game Panel which you can use to check your server memory. If your memory readings appear to be inaccurate, such as showing all RAM is being used, or no RAM is being used- We would recommend installing a plugin such as Essentials which you can then run /memory to see a memory breakdown of the assigned and used memory on your Minecraft Server.

If you are nearing your limits for memory, we would highly suggest upgrading your package to a higher plan to accommodate the extra resources needed. You can find how to upgrade your plan using the following Knowledge Article: [link to the article]

Server Location
If it appears that the server is responding slow to commands/messages you send, whilst working fine for other players; This is a sign that you are located too far away from your Server Location. You can test your connection to our server locations by using the steps listed below:

If you are using a Windows:
1. Open Command Prompt. This can be done by pressing Windows Key + R, then run cmd.exe
2. Enter the command below:
`ping (your server ip)`

If you are using MacOS/Linux
1. Open Terminal
2. Enter the command below:
`ping (your server ip)`

Ensure that you are not using a VPN or any type of Proxy whilst running this command, to ensure the results are accurate

You can compare the results of your ping test with the table below to see if this is the source of your lag

0ms - 100ms
This is a perfect result, no issues here

100ms - 200ms
It's a little higher than expected, but shouldn't be too big of an issue

200ms - 300ms
This is quite slow, it's still usable - However, it may be an issue with your Internet speeds, or you may need to request us to move your server location.

This is too laggy to use, please contact our Support Team to discuss the best way to migrate you to a closer server, we will also assist you in diagnosing if this is an internet issue located on your side

Misbehaving plugins/worlds
It's very common to have plugins or worlds causing issues on your server. To completely rule this out you can start by running /tps. If the results are anything below 19.6, this is the likely cause of your lag. Unfortunately, apart from checking the console for errors, there is not an easy solution to find the culprit of this. You can follow the steps below to assist with finding problematic plugins and/or worlds.


  1. Rename your plugins folder to old_plugins
  2. Restart your server so that your plugins folder re-generated
  3. If your server has sped up, it looks like a plugin was the culprit. Add a couple of plugins back into the plugins folder from old_plugins after each restart. Once the server slows down again, you have located the problematic plugin. You can use google to see if other people have similar issues with this plugin, and also check if the plugin requires dependencies to work as expected.


1. Take a backup of your worlds, and then delete them.
2. Restart your server to re-generate the worlds.
3. If your server has sped up, this looks to be the problem. You can slowly add one world back at a time to see which world is causing a problem. World issues tend to be due to incompatibilities in terms of blocks and server versions.

Entities/Other issues
It's very important to tackle entities, especially if you have a large server/network. You can see a list of our suggestions below to tackle other server related lag.

  • Install ClearLagg  - This will remove entities regularly to reduce memory usage.
    * Reduce view distance this can be altered in your file. Once you have altered this, you need to restart your server
    * Automatic Restarts You can read our article on this here: [INSERT LINK]
    * Use PaperSpigot - PaperSpigot is one of the best server JARs to use in order to combat lag.


We hope this article has helped you in finding the culprit of your server lag! If you have not been successful in located the source, please contact our Support Team via our Discord Support Server or a Ticket in your Client Area, and we will not hesitate to assist you!


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