How to get your Support Pin Print

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How to get your support pin from your billing panel?

If you open a ticket with us through discord or a Live Chat, you are going to need to provide your support pin. Here is how to get it.


1. Go to

2. Click on 'Account', and then 'Login', and login with your Billing information. This is the information you used to purchase your server.

3. Your support pin can be found in a box in the middle of the page.

There you go, now you have your support pin. Keep this information private and don't share your support pin or purchase email address with Anyone. We use this information to verify your identity before we make changes to your server, and could compromise your servers security if it is given out.

If you have any issues with this be sure to contact us via LiveChatDiscord or a Ticket in our Billing Panel.

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