What to-do if you see 'Failed to bind port' in console? Print

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Error: Failed to Bind Port

This error is caused by your server attempting to run something on a port that is already in use. Normally this means that you have setup two or more services on one port (e.g. Dynmap and your server).


1. Check which ports your services are using. If your unsure for a plugin, check the config file.

2. Login to your ByteAnia GamePanel and head to the 'Network' Tab

3. Ensure that the ports you're using show up under the Network tab. If they do not, you'll need to ask for an additional port/s.

4. If you need any additional ports, or need help with any Networking issues, be sure to open a ticket on the billing panel or on discord.

If you have any issues with this be sure to contact us via Discord or through a ticket on our Billing Panel.

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