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Installing a spigot plugin onto your server

Spigot is a system which allows users to add plugins which add additional features to their server. This includes simple systems such as homes and teleports all the way up to plugins which change the way the player interacts with the world. Luckily for us it is very simple to add a spigot plugin to your server, and this can be done through the simple steps below:

Note: These steps will only work on a Spigot installation - This includes Paper, but doesn't include Forge, Modded Minecraft or Vanilla Minecraft.

Method :

1. Go to your game panel at

2. Go to your 'File Manager' located on the bar at the top of the page.

3. Go into your plugins folder - if this folder doesn't exist, check that you have a 'spigot.yml' file, if you don't then your server is probably not running spigot. If it does then create a 'plugins' folder youself using the 'create directory' button.

4. Press the upload button located at the top right of the screen:

5. Navigate to your plugin.jar file within your computers file browser, and press 'open'

6. Go back to the console tab and press restart! Once the server is restarted, the plugin should be installed.


If you have any issues with this be sure to contact us via LiveChat , Discord or a Ticket in our Billing Panel.

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