Can I purchase Additional IPv4 Addresses ? Print

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We offer additional IPv4 Addresses at $1 per IP per month. However, We require full IP justification and can deny excessive requests in accordance with RIPE Guidelines.


Due to the increasing demand for IPv4 and the shortage that we currently face, Byteania are currently un-affected however may increase pricing in the future should we be impacted.


How can I request IPs ?

IPs can be requested using the below format in a ticket via the Billing Panel - Please Note we cannot accept these requests via discord.

IP Request Form

IPs Request : eg. 3

Service Requested for : eg. BYT-5800X-001

Use Justification : eg. IPs are being used to host minecraft servers where Dedicated IPs are provisioned to each of my customers.


My request was Denied ?

We have the right to decline any request for additional IPs in line with both RIPE guidelines and our Terms of Service. If you are not happy with the outcome of your request please express this in your ticket and ask for the ticket to be escalated to management - This doesn't guarantee a different outcome.

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