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Required Networking Adjustments for Dallas Customers


Recent maintenance in our Dallas location will require that customers affected make a network configuration adjustment via IPMI remote control. These changes move your existing primary (public) networking settings to a new interface (operating at 10gigabit). Below we've outlined a few ways these changes can be implemented, however, it should be noted that these instructions are operating system specific, and this will require some research on your end.


Linux Devices

First, you are going to need to identify the former network interface name, as well as identify the networking manager your system is using.


Ubuntu 18.04+ netplan ip a
< Ubuntu 18.04 /etc/network/interfaces ip a
CentOS NetworkManager ip addr show


You need to identify the current primary network interface (typically named "enp38" or "enp39", and copy the network configuration (using the appropriate network manager) to the new primary network interface "enp36s0f0" or "enp36s0f1".


Windows Devices

Windows-based systems are to be adjusted differently, you can change the network adapter settings via Control Panel through IPMI remote control. Much like Linux systems, you will copy the current network interface settings to the new interface (which will also show as "enp36s0f0" or "enp36s0f1").

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