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  • Run [Server Manager] and select [Local Server] on the left pane and click [Ethernet] section on the right pane.

  • Left Click [Ethernet] where it displays "Multiple IPv4 Addresses, IPv6 enabled, This will take you to your Network connections Window, you can also access it by simply right clicking your Network Icon in the bottom right of your screen, and clicking Open Network and Internet Security, Then clicking Change Adapter Settings

  • Once you are in the Network Connections Window, simply right click "Ethernet" and click Properties

  • Look for the option that states "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), select it and then hit Properties

Once inside it should resemble the following picture


  • What we're going to do is tell it to use a Specific IP, to do this we need to know some things about our Subnet Mask and Default gateway, Let's head over to the Command Prompt (CMD), Once there type the following command


  • From that command we know our Allocated IP's, our Subnet Masks, and our Default Gateway, In my instance i have assigned as an additional IP, you can find out more about adding additional IP's via our other Helpdesk Articles, for this instance I have already taken the liberty of assigning it to the VPS server (Note that if an IP is assigned to your VPS/Dedicated server, it may not automatically detect it, in this case I have it assigned as an additional IP already from our previous HelpDesk Article), So we know that our additional is and our main is, so let's swap them around!, to do this we are going to set our IP, our Subnet Mask, and our Default gateway in the Internet protocol Version 4 Properties Window.

  • As you can see I have assigned our IP Address, our Subnet mask, and our default gateway, I have also assigned a DNS server, in this case Google Public DNS, We advise that if you are not familiar with DNS servers, then you should use either Google or Cloudflares DNS, Once this is done you can simply hit "OK" on all the windows to close them down, Once you get to the Ethernet Properties Window and hit OK, you will lose access to your VPS on it's original IP, as it now has a new IP assignment, so you will need to open up a new RDP session on your newly assigned IP!.

The following information is only relevant to those wishing to keep the original IP as an additional, and in most cases somewhat irrelevant, however it is there as information encase someone has a use case for it.

  • But because I also want my old IP as an additional we're going to head back to the properties and head into Advanced

  • Once in there, you will be able to "add" additional IP configurations, remove or Edit, in this instance I'll be Adding a new one for my old IP as I still want it as an additional IP.

  • Once in there Simply modify our IP/Subnet mask to what you want, then hit "OK"

Now we can close out all our Windows, Once you go to close the Ethernet Properties Window once again and hit "OK", you will lose connection temporarily whilst the network configures the changes you have just made, it should return back to you fairly quickly, then open up your CMD, and type ipconfig, and you should now see your main IP is now the one you set and you'll have your old one as an additional!


If you do not wish to have your OLD IP as an additional, the last few steps can be ignored, just set your new core IP/Subnet/Gateway, Hit OK, and OK, then RDP to your VPS via the New IP, the last few steps are only relevant to those wishing to keep both IP's, but change their Main IP.

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