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Running an MTR can help give our support valuable knowledge if you are having network issues, it provides more information than a traceroute and is equally as simple and straight forward.


Using MTR on Debian based distributions

Make sure to run the following commands as root with sudo or su. 


Installing MTR package

apt-get update

apt-get -y install mtr

Running a MTR

Simply type mtr and the address you are running the MTR to as shown below, you should leave this running for a few minutes.

mtr -b

You will then get an output such as this, send this to support.

Using MTR on Windows based operating systems

Downloading WinMTR

Download the following software and simply extract it.

Run the WinMTR.exe from the WinMTR_x64 folder.


Using WinMTR

Simply enter the host you are running an MTR to and press start, leave this running for a few minutes. You can export the text or copy text to your clipboard and send this to support.



In cases of network issues, we may ask you to have your users complete an MTR, This is to identify trends based on issues and establish root cause.


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