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This guide is based off of the culmination of multiple previous Helpdesk Articles, if you are here at random, this guide may not be useful to you unless you have installed Pterodactyl, and enabled the Oxide option for your server.

Rust has the option of being modified by the use of a third party system called Oxide (Now renamed to Umod), This system allows server administrators to take free or paid plugins, and place them onto their servers to improve the quality of life / experience for their players.

There are multiple places you can visit to purchase/download these plugins, below is a small list of the key websites used by most administrators to find Plugins/Modifications for their servers. is the Main website used for finding plugins, it's also the home of the Oxide/Umod system that allows modding in Rust, you can find a wide variaty of plugins for rust under their plugins section.

ChaosCode is a Paid plugin website which hosts a small but very useful set of plugins that are generally used by most servers including SkinBox

Codefling is a somewhat new website for plugins but has quickly risen towards the top of the list as most creators have moved over to it's service to sell their plugins, there are some excellent plugins on there that can definitely improve the quality of life for a server is not only a plugin website, you can also download/purchase custom prefabs and maps for your servers.

Very few creators are on ImperialPlugins, however i have included it in the list as there are ones by a creator known as Dana that shine.

Myvector is a little known/used website that is slowly rising, it's creator Ryz0r is a renown developer for not only Plugins, Websites, Bots but also the Link System that most servers use to merge their Website/Discord/Server together.

RustWorkshop is from the creator Orange, who has made well over 150 Plugins for the rust community, and probably many more private plugins, you can find paid and free plugins on his website.

For this instance we will be looking at the GatherManager plugin from by the developer Ryan from Rustoria.

This plugin allows us to modify the amount of resources from various activities in the game, this includes Nodes, Trees, harvesting, Pickups, Quarries and Survey

We are simply going to download the file

Once downloaded you will have a file in your downloads folder called GatherManager.cs, with this we will visit our Panel for our rust server (Pterodactyl), and we will head over to the File Manager Tab.

Once there we will go into the Oxide Folder.

Then we will go into the Plugins folder.

Then we will upload our GatherManager.cs plugin into that folder, you can either do that via Dragging+dropping the file into the folder, or simply clicking the Upload button and selecting the file.

Once this is done, we will head back over to the Console Tab

And we should see in the Console window that Gather Manager has been loaded.

With this we can now head over to the File manager again, then back into oxide, this time we will head into the Config folder, and we should now see a new file called GatherManager.json

This houses all of our configs for the GatherManager plugin, most plugins will have guides/information associated to them on their respective websites on the best configurations/what config is linked to what, in this example we will be modifying the line ""GatherResourceModifiers": {},",

as right now when you Hit a node or chop a tree you will gather the default amount of resources, however I will be changing this to 2x the Resources, we can do that by simply modifying the line and adding in new code, below will be the new version of that line,

  "GatherResourceModifiers": {
"*": 2.0

What this does is modify all gathered resources from vanilla to x2, once you have saved this, head back over to the console tab, and type in "o.reload GatherManager"

And you're done!, your resource gathering is now x2!, this guide was made with the sole intention of installing a plugin, configuring it is 100% up to the server administrator, however if you have set the config you wish, be sure to RELOAD the plugin after you have edited the config file, If you have any questions/concerns please don't hesitate to open a ticket or catch us on discord!

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