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Loading a custom map for rust can sometimes be a pain!, however pterodactyl has a nice little feature that allows you to take your map and simply place it in a configuration, restart your server and bam you're loading your custom map!, so let's go from the beginning, we'll start by heading over to


Once we're at we'll head over to their Free map section, you can access it via the following: Free Rust Maps - Lone Design - for this example we will use Hapis Remastered



Simply hit the Download Now button and you'll download all the map files into a .zip, You'll need to extract the zip to a folder so that you can access the actual map file



With rust maps, as long as you provide a downloadable URL, your map should work automatically, for this example we'll be using discord!, all we will do is be sending this map file to one of our friends (or an alt), so all we will do is drag and drop it to a friend!



Once done we want to Right click on the text part of the download that states "", then click copy link, with this we have our download URL!, you can also use dropbox, however you will need to change the end of the url, dl=0 to dl=1, you may also use Github or any other service including your own!.


We will now head back over to our website Panel, and head into the "Startup" tab for our server.



Then we will scroll down to the bottom looking for the field "Custom map URL"


And all we do is simply drop the link in that field!



And now we head back over to our Console tab, and simply restart the server, this will now force the server to wipe the map, NOT THE BLUEPRINTS, and boot back up with the HapisRemastered map!



Once your server is loaded up you should now be playing on Hapis, or whatever map you decide on!, if you feel up to it why not give a go at making your own map!, you can find out more about custom map making via the RustEdit Website+Discord server!

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