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    • ufw allow 30120/udp
    • ufw allow 30120/tcp
    • ufw allow 40120/tcp
      • Arma3 uses 4 Ports, Arma3 Connection, Steam Query, Steam Port and Battleeye

      Pterodactyl Ports that I will be using.

      Be sure that once you setup your Arma3 you Assign those ports to your servers.

      UFW Ubuntu firewall manager.

      • To start with we will apply the ports on the backend, for this example I will be using UFW, If you used our previous guide for Pterodactyl install you will notice multiple ports already defined in your UFW status, 22/tcp for SSH, 80 for WebServer, 443 for Webserver TLS/SSL, 8080 for Pterodactyl and 2022 also for Pterodactyl.

      • You can check your UFW status by typing in the console - ufw status

      Here we will define 4 Rules for our Arma 3 server, I will be using the following rules

      • 2302/udp - Game & VON
      • 2303/udp - Steam Query
      • 2304/udp - Steam Port
      • 2306/udp - BattleEye

      To apply these all we're going to do is use the ufw allow command

     With that being done our back-end ports have been set, however there is one more thing to do, we want to change UFW to a deny state rather than prioritise, Be sure that with this change you have allowed SSH connections otherwise you will lose access to your dedicated server/vps


    • sudo ufw default deny incoming

    Windows Firewall Rules


    You may find that you need to also set Firewall rules if your ARMA3 server is on Windows, head over to the Windows Firewall Management, on Inbound + Outbound Create new Rules

    • Type: Port - Port: 2302 - Protocol: UDP - Name: Arma Game & VON
    • Type: Port - Port: 2303 - Protocol: UDP - Name: Steam Query
    • Type: Port - Port: 2304 - Protocol: UDP - Name: Steam Port
    • Type: Port - Port: 2306 - Protocol: UDP - Name: BattleEye

    You may also want to setup Edge Filters/Firewall rules from, you can do this by contacting us via a support ticket and mention the ports/rules/filters you wish to be applied and we'll get them applied for you asap!, Once our custom filter manager is available for client use, this guide will be updated to include new information based on our panel!

    Now onto our Edge Rules/Filters, due to our link with we can define edge firewall rules/filters, Unfortunately for now our Filter Manager is offline, however you can open a ticket allowing us to assign them for you (This guide will be updated once the new filter page is released), we have 2 things to work with, Firewall rules and Filters, let's start with firewall rules, below are the firewall rules we will setup.

    Port - Protocol - Action - Source(If any)

    • - DENY ALL (Port Punch), we do this to block all access outside of the rules we define
    • 2302 - udp - allow all (This allows connections to the Arma 3 Server)
    • 2303 - udp - allow all (Used by Steam Query)
    • 2304 - udp - allow all (Used by Steam)
    • 2306 - udp - allow all (Used by Battleeye)
    • 8080 - tcp - allow all  (Pterodactyl Ports - Not used by Windows Servers)
    • 2022 - tcp - allow all (Pterodactyl Ports - Not used by Windows Servers)
    • 22 - tcp - allow all OR allow from (Your IP), this is our SSH port, this can either be locked to your IP if you have a static IP, or allow all allowing all connections on 22, or 3389 for RDP (Windows))
    • 443 - tcp - allow all (Used for SSL/TLS - Pterodactyl Web server) - OR 80 if you are not using SSL/TLS

    With those being done that is our main Firewall rules laid out for, our last option is for Edge Filters

    • Arma 3 Server (beta) - port 2302 (This filter enables layer 7 packet validation for ARMA 3 game servers. DayZ is currently unsupported.)

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