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How to connect to your VPS/Dedicated Server Server

By default on provisioning of a VPS/Dedicated server, Byteania will send you a confirmation of setup email, included in this email will be the following details.

  • Server IP
  • Username
  • Password
  • VPS Panel URL
  • VPS ID
  • IP(s)
  • VNC Ip
  • VNC Username
  • VNC Password
  • VNC Port

With this information, depending on your installed Operating system, You will either be using Remote Desktop Connection or SSH.

Ubuntu/Debian/Centos/Red Hat

With your server IP, Port, Username and Password, open a SSH Based connection to your server, there are several programs that you may use to do this, Windows Terminal (Found on the Microsoft Store), Putty, Solar Putty. SecureCRT, MremoteNG, MobaXterm and many more that can be found online, in this instance we will be utilizing Windows Terminal

now we will take our key parts of the confirmation email and access the server over our SSH terminal.


Once you make that connection you will be prompted to provide your password, this password was also included in your confirmation email, after you have entered your password you may hit a prompt window asking if you wish to make the connection to this server as you have not connected to it previously, simply type YES, then hit enter.

Once that is done, you should now be connected to your server!

In the odd case that you hit errors, please head on over to your Byteania Firewall Manager and double check to make sure that you have port 22 enabled for connections to your VPS/Dedicated Server IP, if you receive an alternative error, for example access denied (publickey), you may need to access your server via VNC, and then allowing connections for that user based on password rather than SSH Keys, on a fresh install this should not be the case, however if you have lost your SSH key, you will need to do this to regain control of your VPS, if all else fails, feel free to contact Byteania Support and we will help you asap.

Windows Server

Taking into consideration the top paragraphs of this Knowledge base Article, we already know our IP, Username and Password, Head on over to Remote Desktop Connection, and place your server(s) IP in the Computer Window.

Once done hit "connect", you should now be prompted for your Account Username, generally for windows this will always be "Administrator", and your Password, then hit connect, and bam you are now connected to your Windows VPS/Dedicated Server.

If you ever have any issues please contact Byteania Support via our official Discord, our Billing system, or Live chat!

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