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How to Assign Administrators and Moderators on Rust

Assigning administrators and moderators is a vital part of settings up any Rust server- it is also fairly basic to do. Within this guide, we will not be using Oxide.

Gathering Your Steam64ID

In order to assign our moderators and administrators- we have to find our Steam64ID, in this case in order to do so we will be using

First- we have to copy our steam community URL of the account we want to assign as a moderator or administrator. In this case- the id is:

We will copy this id and insert it into the SteamID lookup section. Following this, we will have a result similar to this:

We now have our Steam64ID- in this case 76561199174008943. This will be used in the further steps to assign our moderators & administrators.

Understanding our Permissions

For permissions, I highly advise using Oxide plugins to manage roles & permissions altogether- though in the case you are not looking to use Oxide you can follow this guide for assigning moderators and administrators.

Prior to assigning our permissions, we have to understand what each command does.

ownerid "steam64id" An admin role with the ability to assign and remove other administrators
moderatorid "steam64id" An admin role without the ability to assign and remove other administrators

Assigning an Administrator

So to assign a user with the ability to assign other administrators- we can run a command similar to the following:

ownerid "steam64_id_here"

Following executing this command we have to write these changes to our configuration file- we can do this with the following command:


Assigning a Moderator

On the contrary, if we wanted to assign a moderator- we would run the following series of commands:

moderatorid "steam64_id_here"

Followed by writing to our configuration file with:


After assigning an administrator or moderator- the user will have to reconnect to the server for the changes to take effect and permissions to be granted.

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